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  2. Oh John - Paula Cole

    Many know Paula Cole as one of the many Lilith Fair promoted artists that emerged in the mid 1990s and skyrocketed to fame from there.  Cole released This Fire in 1997.  Recorded in only 2 weeks, the album spawned 3 number one hits, one of which would later become the highly recognizable theme song for the hit show Dawson’s Creek. Cole would be nominated for 7 Grammys, winning Best New Artist of the Year.  Cole had released an album prior to her commercial success, 1994’s Harbinger was equally as impressive with underrated gems such as “Hitler’s Brother’s”, “Chiaroscuro”. and the peaceful “Bethlehem”.  The album also contained this terrific ode to a lost love, “Oh John”.  


  3. Little Recognized Quotes and Scenes From Classic Movies That Should Be Noted

    Everyone and their mother has heard lines spoken in classic films that will forever define them.   In the mad storm of popularity that enveloped these films when they were new, some quotes remain in the spoken script but were barely noticed, and some scenes .  We all watched Darth Vader claim his baby daddy status, The Crying Game reveal it’s half-cocked female lead, and The Unforgiven taught us that it’s a helluva thing killing a man.  Here are a few quotes and scenes from the classics that should be noticed, or at least pondered.

    Office Space (1999)


    In 1999, this gem came out that defined a generation of paper-pushers that had been pushed too far.  For those of us that lived through it, the second or third viewing was merely a documentary.  The movie is immensely quotable, and continues to be quotable to this day.  

    Most underrated scene:  The meeting with The Bobs.  All of us have been there before, so much so that to this day folks can clearly imagine an army of Bobs behind closed doors at their company constantly evaluating you and your peers (mostly you) to lighten the headcount.  This whole display is become a frightening reality, worried about yearly when review time comes around.   


    Die Hard (1988)


    This one is more of a “blink-and-you-may-miss-it” to the untrained viewer.  We all know the story, lone cop saves the day while secretly maneuvering and out-maneuvering some clearly charming and well-dressed terrorists on Christmas Eve.   In the scene where the SWAT team is called in, a small foot troop advances toward the front door, automatic weapons in hand.   One of the macho officers busts through a rose bush only to be pricked by a thorny flower.  The officer jumps in surprise and says, “Ouch!”.   Pure genius.  Good luck finding the isolated video online.   The movie can be found under $5 dollars and is well worth it to see it even now.  It spawned a generation of copycat pieces of garbage including the unwatchable 4 sequels.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982)


    There is so much to be said about this film, but the most important to remember is it’s the best film ever made bar-none.  Every director that ever existed after the film was made should use it as a guide.  That’s what I think.   In the scene when Marion is kidnapped by a roving gang of thieves in Cairo, Marion can be heard yelling, “You can’t do this to me, I’m an American!”   The film took place in 1938, yet I have a feeling that if a white, privileged American woman was pulled away by a similar group of thugs in a present day foreign country, at some point that phrase would still be uttered.


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