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  7. 2010 Palermo

    Aromas of dark, brooding fruit with subtle French oak in the background lead into a smooth entry of ripe cherry and fig. The mid-palate is subtle and stretches with loads of bright acidity and candied cassis. Layers of stone fruit and ribena lead into a round, supple, lingering finish of integrated soft tannins that roll on and on. This wine is amazing now and has another 8 to 10 years in it at least!

    78% Cabernet Sauvignon
    18% Merlot
     4% Cabernet Franc

    18 months in French Oak, 30% new

    15.5% Alc./Vol.


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  11. Heartland - U2

    Rattle and Hum - 1988

    Coub by Afterneath

    Original source video “Dreamscapes”



  12. Keep your eye on the big truck that is currently to the right of the play button.  Amazingly and thankfully, the only fatality in this terrorist attack was the terrorist himself.  


  13. Slowly - Max Sedgley



  15. Just Resting - photo by Afterneath